[Techtalk] hardware recomendations requested

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Wed Oct 3 15:28:40 EST 2001

jfweber at eternal.net writes:
> I don't expect to be able to duplicate the Kodak cds exactly ... but at
> roughly $500 each disc I figure there should be soem pretty good quality

$500?  Try mail order -- you can do a lot better than that.
Unless you're doing Pro PhotoCD, in which case you'll probably have
to pay many thousands of dollars for a scanner that can do
equivalent resolution.

If you do find a low-cost slide scanner that works under linux, please
let me know.  There are several cheap and apparently adequate slide
scanners which have come out recently, but I haven't been able to
find any information on whether they work under linux (and I won't
buy one otherwise; I don't really *need* a slide scanner so I can
afford to wait until there's one I can run under linux).

> Also, for some reason Gimp no longer seems to regognise the kodac
> storage method .. anyone have anyideas about that ( I thoughth tit did
> before, but I may have converted them to somehting else first)
> Any helps will be greatfully appreciated

Apparently Gimp changed its plugin format so the old plugin no longer
works; searching on google I found a posting where someone had 
modified the hpcdtoppm code to work as a new-style gimp plugin,
and was offering that back to the gimp maintainers, but there
weren't any replies in the pages I saw, so it may never have
happened.  (A typical open source story, alas.)

But that pointed me to hpcdtoppm, so I just use that and don't worry
about whether gimp supports it directly.  I use xv more than I use
gimp anyway.


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