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Wed Oct 3 19:38:09 EST 2001

** On Wed, 03 Oct 2001 14:39:44 -0700 Robert Wichert <robert at wichert.org> wrote this:

**Those are
**pretty pricey, aren't they?  Is that what you mean by Kodak cds?

nope, sorry I didn't make myself clear ( I was monitoring my husbands
new Linux installation , and hence was a bit , um... distracted <g>)
have been paying a commercial company to save many of the family's old
pictures ( prints) and any slides or negatives to a kodak photo cd...
These folks do wonderful "drum" scans... which is why they get $1.50 per
slide and $2 for each print they scan .. they also , do several packages
at various resolutions  for each photo/slide .. I , obviously can't manage anything like that
at home... but I was hopeing to get more or the stuff I have ( three
large shipping crates full ) of photos from the 1800s, some negatives of
photos , sadly, now very faded , from the 1930s thru 1948-ish ) where at
least in later years the grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to have computer
prints to see ... their gandparents ... or other reletives who, perhaps
didn't make it to the year 2000 ...  EAch Kodak cd holds about 100-150
slides , and a few more if they are all prints ... So it's 150 bucks, roughly, per
Kodak disk ( Us$ )  there are many thousands of prints and slides in
these boxes, which, IF I can get onto some useable medium, w/o selling
the children , or the house or something... I can have these boxes of
material sealed w/the air pumped out so they *should* survive til
sometime in future. Of course, once sealed , they are unavailable for
any reason w/o unpacking ALL  of them. I had thought to wait for dvd rw
so put them on "home made" cds/dvd's but sadly they ( photos, slides, and negs, really are being
eaten , and vacuum packing is the only way I can think of to save
them...  <sigh>
You can see that $1000 (US) would get me somewhere for scanners, I should htink A good scsi cdrw shouldn't be more than $400..
hope that clears up the muddle , a bit anyway...


afterthought : Quantum Particles: the dreams that stuff is made of

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