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Jenny Bernard jbernard at richmond.edu
Wed Oct 3 18:01:46 EST 2001

I have that book too, and I've also found it pretty easy to read.  There's
also one out there called "Linux for Windows Addicts"... I don't remember
the author, but I saw it while browsing in Barnes and Noble.  It relates
everything in Linux/Unix to equivalent things in Windows.  Probably a good
bet for someone with a Windows background. :)


On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, Charlotte Oliver wrote:
> I've been reading through Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide (Second
> Edition) by Steve Shah lately and have been really impressed with it.  It's
> simply written and not in programmer-speak, like so many of the books out on the
> market.  It also focuses on administration instead of being an end user and
> provides nice diagrams trying to explain the differences between NT
> administration and *nix administration, so it might just be what you need.

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