[Techtalk] hardware recomendations requested

Robert Wichert robert at wichert.org
Wed Oct 3 17:03:17 EST 2001

The SCSI CDR is < $300 I have purchased three of them (they wear out and
I use them a lot) and I think you can get them for ~$250 at Fry's.  I
can't recommend a brand.  They all seem to be made sort of "the same"
but some have more cords...

A good flat bed scanner can also be had for < $300 with SCSI.  For a
while SCSI was standard on flat bed scanners.  I suppose the resolution
of a standard scanner will be adequate for prints.  It is the slides and
negatives that will need a high resolution device.  The Nikon unit
discussed previously sounds pretty cheap to me.  I had expected at least
~$3,000 to $5,000 for a Kodak unit.  

(the Kodak format is what is giving you multiple resolutions in pcd
format.  I prefer the pcd format so if you can get it, I would get it)

If you buy the gear, you could go into business, you know!!!


jfweber at eternal.net wrote:
> ** On Wed, 03 Oct 2001 14:39:44 -0700 Robert Wichert <robert at wichert.org> wrote this:
> **Those are
> **pretty pricey, aren't they?  Is that what you mean by Kodak cds?
> nope, sorry I didn't make myself clear ( I was monitoring my husbands
> new Linux installation , and hence was a bit , um... distracted <g>)
>  I
> have been paying a commercial company to save many of the family's old
> pictures ( prints) and any slides or negatives to a kodak photo cd...
> These folks do wonderful "drum" scans... which is why they get $1.50 per
> slide and $2 for each print they scan .. they also , do several packages
> at various resolutions  for each photo/slide .. I , obviously can't manage anything like that
> at home... but I was hopeing to get more or the stuff I have ( three
> large shipping crates full ) of photos from the 1800s, some negatives of
> photos , sadly, now very faded , from the 1930s thru 1948-ish ) where at
> least in later years the grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to have computer
> prints to see ... their gandparents ... or other reletives who, perhaps
> didn't make it to the year 2000 ...  EAch Kodak cd holds about 100-150
> slides , and a few more if they are all prints ... So it's 150 bucks, roughly, per
> Kodak disk ( Us$ )  there are many thousands of prints and slides in
> these boxes, which, IF I can get onto some useable medium, w/o selling
> the children , or the house or something... I can have these boxes of
> material sealed w/the air pumped out so they *should* survive til
> sometime in future. Of course, once sealed , they are unavailable for
> any reason w/o unpacking ALL  of them. I had thought to wait for dvd rw
> so put them on "home made" cds/dvd's but sadly they ( photos, slides, and negs, really are being
> eaten , and vacuum packing is the only way I can think of to save
> them...  <sigh>
> You can see that $1000 (US) would get me somewhere for scanners, I should htink A good scsi cdrw shouldn't be more than $400..
> hope that clears up the muddle , a bit anyway...
> --
> j
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