[Techtalk] DNS woes...

Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Mon Oct 1 08:23:48 EST 2001

At 07:12 AM 10/1/2001, Britta Koch wrote:
>I have a problem with my domain, silverymoon.de. I got it from the
>company I work for, uni-x, and I got a webpage at www.silverymoon.de
>and I get any mail to <whatever>@silverymoon.de. Unfortunately, some
>people can't seem to send me mail. I get all my testmails to
>test at silverymoon.de etc., but nothing from goldtoken.com or ebay.de.

Well, this could be a DNS problem, or could be a MX record problem. What 
happens to the mail sent to your domain from the domains that you mention? 
Does the mail bounce? If so, what is the error message?

Also, are goldtoken.com and ebay.de in any way related to your domain? 
Would there be a reason for their DNS to point to the old IP address rather 
than the new one (ie, someone didn't update their DNS)? Often, when someone 
has a domain hosted by an ISP for example, and still gets internet service 
from that ISP, but moves the domain to a different provider, they can't get 
at their own domain once it's moved, because their old ISP hasn't updated 
their DNS/hosts info.

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