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Rachel Herold wrote:

> I would love
> to get my modem set up but to do so I have to figure out if my modem is
> supported.  There are not any driver files up on my modem's support site.
> Does linux need certain drivers like windows does?  I don't know, I haven't
> found that information yet anywhere.  Once my modem is set up I'd like to do
> web-browsing so I could do my study on the system I'm studying, instead of
> having to boot into windows and doing my studying there.  So no, it's not
> really that I'm afraid to use it, it's that there are parts that I haven't
> figured out how to do yet so have difficulty using it like I'd like to.

There is a linux modems how-to, in the LDP.

Translating that sentence, because I suddenly realised how much jargon
was in it:

Someone has written a step-by-step guide (a HOWTO) for installing, 
configuring and using modems under linux. It's stored with the other 
step-by-step guides, in the Linux Documentation Project pages.

Hrm. Having gone there, there's a set of linux modem how-tos. Here's
the URL for them:


You probably want to start with the one labelled 'modem-howto'.
Depending on the modem you purchased, you may then need to move
to the winmodems-and-linux howto, or the linmodem howto. Or both.

Unfortunately, modems come in two major types these days. One type
has all the software built into the modem. The other type has half
the software in drivers - stuff you install into your operating

This wouldn't be a problem, if the manufacturers would only TELL US
WHAT THE MODEM NEEDS. But they won't, most of the time. So many of
these driver-based modems (winmodems) don't work at all under Linux.
(The ones that do, do because someone has figured out what the modem
needs.. or very occasionally, a manufacturer has released the specs.

Most manufacturers of modems don't produce Linux drivers, and act
as if Linux didn't exist. That's why you haven't found any drivers
on the modem's support site. :(

Once  you have the modem set up (and yes, keep asking questions here
or among other Linux-knowledgable friends you have), the browser should
be reasonably easy. What flavour of linux do you use? Many of them have
at least one browser installed by default.

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