[Techtalk] Suggestions for Web log analyzers?

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Tue Nov 20 10:11:05 EST 2001

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 05:09:46PM -0500 or thereabouts, Charlotte Oliver wrote:
> I don't know if it's a function of the set-up on diary-x, but the thing 
> that annoys me about Analog is that it doesn't really do host lookups 
> on IPs.

Analog will do that. You're right, it's a configuration file option.
You can make it not look them up (default), look them all up, or 
look up only those which are new, and get the rest from a cache of
previous lookups.

Warning: in my experience, setting it to look them all up will turn 
a 2 second run into something approaching an hour or more. I presume 
this is why it's off by default and why there is the "cache old 
lookups to a file and only look up new ones" option.

> And well, I tend to recognize the people I know by their hostnames, 
> so that's kind  of annoying to me.
> (Should I admit that?  Does that make me a total geek with no hope of 
> coolness? :)

I think you're safe. I know people who recognise people by IP, and
that's much scarier!


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