[Techtalk] NFS gurus, please help!

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I'd look towards a network issue first. Are both servers using the same
network? Do they have the same types of Network cards (10
Base-T/100-Base-T, negotiation set up properly, etc)? In your test
environment, does the same box get better NFS performance to the Linux
server than the Solaris server? Are the routes reported by netstat -rn
the same? Does the solaris box have the correct default router


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We have a EMC^2 file server and Linux PCs and Solaris boxen as servers.
Unfortunately, access via NFS from Linux is 4 - 10 times faster than
from Solaris. We have tested the obvious stuff, tuning with the
parameters rsize=xxxx and wsize=xxxx, which has improved performance a
little, but there must be an obscure option we're missing. Is there an
NFS guru around who'd like to help? 

Many thanx in advance,

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