[Techtalk] NFS gurus, please help!

Brian Sweeney bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 19 10:23:12 EST 2001

I had problems with NFS performance a while back.  After weeks of tuning 
and trying, the response I got from LOTS of NFS gurus on line was "most 
NFS performance problems are NOT NFS problems, they're networking 
problems that are more noticable with NFS".

And I know Solaris has traditionally had problems with autonegotiation 
with their cards (I had a firewall with performance issues with this; 
every once-in-a-while I think it would try to "renogiate" and everything 
slowed down).  Go over your network with a fine-tooth comb.  Our NFS 
problems ended up being a buggy eepro100 NIC driver that was dropping 

But I'm pretty much just seconding Jen here, so I'll be quiet now ;-)


jhamilto at n2h2.com wrote:

> I'd look towards a network issue first. Are both servers using the same
> network? Do they have the same types of Network cards (10
> Base-T/100-Base-T, negotiation set up properly, etc)? In your test
> environment, does the same box get better NFS performance to the Linux
> server than the Solaris server? Are the routes reported by netstat -rn
> the same? Does the solaris box have the correct default router
> (/etc/defaultrouter)? 
> Jen
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> Hi!
> We have a EMC^2 file server and Linux PCs and Solaris boxen as servers.
> Unfortunately, access via NFS from Linux is 4 - 10 times faster than
> from Solaris. We have tested the obvious stuff, tuning with the
> parameters rsize=xxxx and wsize=xxxx, which has improved performance a
> little, but there must be an obscure option we're missing. Is there an
> NFS guru around who'd like to help? 
> Many thanx in advance,
> Britta

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