[Techtalk] Build it! redux, and AMD woes

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Sun Nov 11 07:58:36 EST 2001

Almut Behrens wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 08:05:07PM +1100, jenn at simegen.com wrote:
>> Dancer told me of a way to do a reliable Linux memory test.
>> Recompile kernels. If they segfault, there's a bad stick of RAM.
> I'll definitely second that. gcc seems to be a reliable memory tester :)
> I can't exactly tell why, but practical experience shows that, when
> there's a memory problem, gcc always is the first program to throw
> weird error messages (or segfault or hang), while other programs still
> seem to run smoothly. (It's probably because it makes extensive use of
> memory to build up delicate data structures which react a bit allergic
> to external modification...)

That's the reason Dancer gave.

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