[Techtalk] Debian v. Slackware

Raven, corporate courtesan raven at oneeyedcrow.net
Wed Nov 7 07:03:08 EST 2001

Heya --

Quoth Jennifer Davis (Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 01:59:27AM -0500):
> few days ago discussing the possibility of Slackware being on its
> deathbed.

	That would really suck -- I know lots of dedicated Slack fans,
including my husband, the lead sysadmin at my office, and my Perl
partner-in-crime.  But until I hear something from official sources
(Patrick or cohorts), I'll take the whole thing with a grain of salt.  

> Am I missing anything?  I like the idea of Debian, using only GPL
> software, but if what was being discussed has a shred of truth, then I
> either have to get very good at updating packages rather than waiting for
> a new distribution, or finding a healthier (economically) distro.
	Don't know much about the economics of Slackware production, but
from what I see, they have a strong and dedicated user base.  (Seems
like many programmer prefer them so they don't have to fuss with a
packaging system.)

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