[Techtalk] Debian v. Slackware

Jennifer Davis jsd at jenn.ca
Wed Nov 7 02:59:27 EST 2001

I have thought a bit about posting this for fear it may be considered a
troll.  I am posting more or less in response to the story on Slashdot a
few days ago discussing the possibility of Slackware being on its

I've been using Slackware since I started using Linux 2 years ago and I
love it to bits.  There was a bit of time where I used Mandrake but gave
it up for being to convoluted.  I just didn't like Redhat.  Caldera didn't
like my video card and I couldn't get Debian or FreeBSD to install.

Am I missing anything?  I like the idea of Debian, using only GPL
software, but if what was being discussed has a shred of truth, then I
either have to get very good at updating packages rather than waiting for
a new distribution, or finding a healthier (economically) distro.


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