[Techtalk] emacs

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu Nov 1 17:11:57 EST 2001

Raven Brooke writes:
> I am trying to have emacs display with a black bg, white fg. I have 
> created a .Xresources file in my home directory. I put the .Xresources 
> file in my FILESEARCHPATH. No dice - white bg. I have searched in every 
> FAQ I can find, but am still not able to determine why emacs ignores my 
> .Xresources. Is this even the best way to control this behavior?

I set these in my .Xdefaults:

Emacs*foreground: black
Emacs*background: grey80
Emacs*cursorColor: magenta
Emacs*pointerColor: magenta

That works (for XEmacs).

Are you restarting X or running xrdb first, though?  Changes made in
.Xdefaults or .Xresources aren't necessarily read by the application;
the X server keeps a "resource database", loaded when you start X,
so if you change something and want to be sure it's being seen,
after changing your .Xresources, type 
  xrdb -m .Xresources
(if you want to merge the values with whatever's already in the
database), or 
  xrdb -l .Xresources
(if you just want to overwrite everything with the current values;
that's usually what I do).

Then rerun emacs and see if it helps.

I don't know what FILESEARCHPATH is, but it's probably not related
to the X resource files.


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