[techtalk] Easy question, but necessary one(:

paul.hardacre at btinternet.com paul.hardacre at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 26 14:45:52 EST 2001

>How do you create a boot disk? I tried to install 
Mandrake on my 2nd hd last
>night and messed up the boot blocks(: My friend 
showed me how to get my comp
>up and running again from the windows 98 cd... but I'd 
feel better having a
>boot disk around anyways, just in case...

Do you mean a Windows 98 boot disk? Or a Mandrake 
boot disk? Windows 98 is easy just goto Add/Remove 
Programs under the Control Panel and click on 
the "Startup Disk" tab. There should be one 
option "Create Disk". Under Mandrake I don't know yet 
cos I only installed 7.2 yesterday myself. Although there 
is an option in the installation procedure which I decided 
to skip cos I couldn't be bothered to root out a 
floppy.. :)

Hope that helps,


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