[techtalk] Dual-Boot Nonsense Confusing Me

Shari sharifl at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 27 09:53:51 EST 2001

Here's hoping some kind soul will help me out....

I'm running Win2k, using Partition Magic.  I can't seem to get a clean boot into 
either OS without using the appropriate boot disks.  I can't figure out what's 
going on.  I'm getting the same errors over and over again (At least I'm 

I've given up on BootMagic.  The MBR always gets corrupted, and it never seems to 
find where I've installed linux.  I've edited lilo.conf to start up win32, but it 
simply hangs.  I'm not quite sure I have it pointed to the right start up 
partition.  It also seems LILO is probably the better way to boot up, but I'm 
nervous about losing my win2k installation if something else is in the MBR.

I've gone through several permutations on my physical drives.  I've tried creating 
Linux on its own primary partition, and also 3 logical drive partitions (which, 
oddly, seems to work the best).

Anyway ... I'M SO CLOSE!!!  I just need a little direction on how to get these 2 os 
to coexist peacefully.  I'm trying to avoid reinstalling Win2K if at all possible.

Any help would be appreciated! ;)


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