[techtalk] Basic networking

Anne Forker Anne_Forker at BetaResearch.de
Tue Jan 16 09:33:50 EST 2001

Hi Mary,

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Chou, Mary wrote:

> Also, as far as networking, can I see a Windows 2000 machine from a Linux
> box?
> I will have one of each when I bring home a PC from work.

depends on what you mean by "see it". ;-) If TCP/IP is configured
correctly, you should have no problems pinging one machine from the other.

If you want to exchange files between Linux and Windows, you need Samba.
Your machines should be in the same IP subnet then (192.168.32.XXX for
example). There is a SMB-Howto which can be found at


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