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> If I want to share an SDSL line between 2 computers, what are my options?
> I know customarily, people use routers, are there any other good
> alternatives,
> for example, software?  I purchased a Linksys hub (switch) on the
> recommendation
> of a friend, without realizing what would be needed.

Firstly, does your SDSL have a router, or a modem? If it's a modem,
which computer will control the modem?

> Also, as far as networking, can I see a Windows 2000 machine from a Linux
> box?
> I will have one of each when I bring home a PC from work.

Well, I loaded Internet Connection Sharing onto a Windows 98 machine,
and plugged the Rh 6.2 machine into the network, ran net config, and
it picked it right up, no fuss. I haven't tried it with Windows 2K yet.
I don't even use a hub at this point, I have a crossover cable plugged into
each NIC card in each machine. As far as 'seeing', it depends on what you
My RH machine can see the network connection, and reach the internet, but I
had much use to try anything beyond that yet. I am running on an ISDN line
a terminal adapter plugged into the Windows 98 machine, so the Windows machine
is the 'server' of the network.

There are actually a few ways you could do this, depending on your SDSL setup,
and what equipment you are using.


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