[Techtalk] Book recommendations for extremely novice user?

jfweber at eternal.net jfweber at eternal.net
Mon Aug 13 21:21:00 EST 2001

** Reply to message from esommer at codonics.com (Erica Sommer) on Mon, 13 Aug 2001 10:35:18 -0400

** I adore the 
** O'Reilly books, but I think she'll want something a bit more 
** handholding to get started.  She has almost no UNIX experience, but 
** she's bold and adventurous and all the rest.  Does anyone have 
** recommendations?

HOpe this wont be too much of a "hand holder" Peter Norton's Complete
Guide To the Internet  seems to be pretty good for a total newbie .. The
biggest problem w/ it that I have found is the thing was writteind/
origionally published in 1999 .. meaning it has a bit of current
catching up to do. But it is so easy to follow, and he has  information
on installing ans starting to get inot using at least three
distributions.. ( Red Hat , Caldera, Suse )So it is reletively easy to
see how much more "alike" than "different" various flavours of
Linux/Unix actually are.  ( yes , it does get into a bit of Unix, for
comparisons , and for information. ) IT's a SAMS  .. and should be
availbable most anywhere.


afterthought: Resistance Is Useless! (If < 1 ohm)

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