[Techtalk] Book recommendations for extremely novice user?

Akkana akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Aug 13 18:51:03 EST 2001

RobertWichert writes:
>        I have "Teach Yourself Unix in a Week" from Sams.  I like it and

When my SO took the plunge into Linux he used "Teach Yourself Unix in
24 Hours" (Dave Taylor) from Sams.  Not sure whether the 24-hour
version is older or newer than the one-week interval.  Dave said
the edition he has was 24 very long hours. :-)

But he liked it a lot.  In a couple of weeks he went from not really
knowing anything about Unix to being quite fluent, and now he's
using Linux for almost everything, administering our server, and
quoting to me out of the ORA Linux kernel book.  It would be better
if it was linux specific and covered X and modern linux desktops
better, but it's great for getting the basics of Unix for a
bright, motivated person who already has experience in other
OSes (which sounds a lot like the person in the original poster's

Also, I recently discovered the Linux Newbie Administrator Guide,
http://sunsite.dk/linux-newbie/ , which I hadn't seen before.
I haven't had a chance to spend much time with it yet, but it looks
like it might be a good collection of helpful tips, even if I don't
really like their "why use linux" chapter very much.

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