[techtalk] [OT] delayed delivery of mail from list?

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Fri Aug 3 19:29:33 EST 2001

Almut Behrens wrote:

> Since about July 28th, I keep getting mail from the lists delivered
> with considerable and very irregular delays, typically >30min. -- the
> longest delay so far was about 2 days.

> AFAICT, the problem doesn't seem to be on my side (Yahoo). Test mails
> from various places consistently arrive within seconds, and I'm also
> not seing similar effects with other lists.
> Well, it's not a huge problem, it's just a bit irritating to get the
> replies before the original question :)

Which lists?

linuxchix.simegen.com and linuxchix.org are still separate lists.
linuxchix.org is still pointing to linux.co.uk. There's nothing Dancer
or I can do about that till February, Deb is the owner of linuxchix.org
and doesn't seem to be able to get the registrar to accept that she's
herself. (no, nothing D or I have suggested has had a response from 
her saying 'it worked'.)

If the problems are with linuxchix.org lists, there's nothing I can
do. :( If they're with linuxchix.simegen.com lists, we can investigate

Most likely, what's happening is that some of the posts are going to 
each list.

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