[techtalk] Perl Help needed

Lynn Kuhlman lynn at eskimo.com
Fri Aug 3 11:56:20 EST 2001

Please respond to Chris Monk, email address: ccmonk at home.com. Thanks!
I'm just forwarding this on for her. 

The Perl program is written to pull information from an Access database.
The script is hard coded to look for the database in C:\ODYSSEY. A change
needs to be done so the user has the capability of telling the application
where the database is located (a default location).  We would like to move
the database to a server, requiring a mapped drive or UNC path to the
database.  When we move the app to another machine we aren't sure what
version of Perl we need.  We have a CD with Active PErl on it but I think
something may be missing from it.

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