[techtalk] DHCP client with multiple NICs

Subba Rao subba9 at home.com
Thu Aug 2 08:00:38 EST 2001

On  0, Brian Sweeney <bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu> wrote:
> Subba-
> > I have installed Slackware 8 on a system with 2 NICs. In "netconfig" I
> > have selected the "dhcp" option. When the system comes up, it only
> > finds the eth0. The system does not get an IP address for eth1.
> I don't know much about Slackware, but I'm wondering...is the system even
> finding eth1?  Does it load the driver for it?  If so, what do you see in
> the logs regarding DHCP?
> I found this after quick search on google for 'slackware network interface
> dhcp setting':
> <SNIP>

Thanks to everyone who replied. I have added an extra call to dhcpd with eth1 as the
parameter and it worked. This line was added to the /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1

	/sbin/dhcpd eth1    <= Added this line to configure eth1 via DHCP

Thank you once again.


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