[techtalk] DHCP client with multiple NICs

Greg Sheard greg at ecsc.co.uk
Wed Aug 1 22:28:26 EST 2001

If Slackware uses the sysctl(8) system, then it's in the file
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* (or somewhere similar,
locate(1) the thing if you can't find it) and the line is "BOOTPROTO=dhcp".

Word of advice - it's always worth learning the config files, because the
Linuxconf family is fairly unreliable.


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> I have installed Slackware 8 on a system with 2 NICs. In "netconfig" I
> selected the "dhcp" option. When the system comes up, it only finds the
> The system does not get an IP address for eth1. The interface does not get
> for the "ifconfig" command. How is a dhcp client with multiple NICs
> Are there any docs that explain the dhcp setup? I have read the dhcpd.conf
but it looks like
> it is for the DHCP server setup. Where in the init scripts are dhcp
addresses assigned to the
> interfaces?
> Thank you for any info.
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