[techtalk] Problem in bringing up ethernet card

Phil Savoie Phil.Savoie at learnix.ca
Wed Nov 29 01:56:15 EST 2000

Hi Arindam,

I know you have said that your cards are working properly but this symptom 
sounds like an irq or address issue.  Would you have the diskette that came 
with the ethernet cards?  You may want to try and boot into dos and run the 
software diags that would come with the card to eliminate this avenue.


At 09:42 PM 28/11/00 -0800, arindamc at linuxfreemail.com wrote:
>Hi all,
>        I am using linux-2.2.14-12. I have three ethernet cards
>        installed in my machine(eth0,eth1,eth2). At the time of
>        booting up it shows:
>           Bringing up interface eth0   [OK]
>           Bringing up interface eth1
>        and at this point it halts forever. I have to restart
>        it again using the restart button(ctrl-alt-del doesn't work).
>        This time it is ok. It brings up all the cards. Sometimes
>         the machine halts at eth2!! and sometimes i have to continue
>       the process of restarting three or four times!!!
>       My cards are working properly.
>       Any soluton?
>arindam C.
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