[techtalk] Problem in bringing up ethernet card

arindamc at linuxfreemail.com arindamc at linuxfreemail.com
Tue Nov 28 22:42:26 EST 2000

Hi all,
       I am using linux-2.2.14-12. I have three ethernet cards      
       installed in my machine(eth0,eth1,eth2). At the time of
       booting up it shows:
          Bringing up interface eth0   [OK]
          Bringing up interface eth1 
       and at this point it halts forever. I have to restart
       it again using the restart button(ctrl-alt-del doesn't work).
       This time it is ok. It brings up all the cards. Sometimes
        the machine halts at eth2!! and sometimes i have to continue
      the process of restarting three or four times!!!     
      My cards are working properly.
      Any soluton?

arindam C.

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