[techtalk] Problem in bringing up ethernet card

arindamc at linuxfreemail.com arindamc at linuxfreemail.com
Wed Nov 29 00:22:08 EST 2000

At Wed, 29 Nov 2000 00:56:15 -0500 , Phil Savoie <Phil.Savoie at learnix.ca> wrote: 

>Hi Arindam,
>I know you have said that your cards are working properly but this symptom 
>sounds like an irq or address issue.  Would you have the diskette that came 
>with the ethernet cards?  You may want to try and boot into dos and run the 
>software diags that would come with the card to eliminate this avenue.
Hi Phil 

 I have windows NT in another partition. When I boot into NT the
problem doesn't surface. But as you have pointed out the problem might be with irq or address. I think you want to mean that at the time of
booting up it is not getting a free irq or something like that. Good 
point. I'll check it out.

arindam C.

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