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On Nov 22, -sjh- conjectured:

> Karl-Heinz wrote:
> > I obviously misinterpreted that "awesome"!  In my simple mind "awesome"
> > seemed to be a negative word - like terrible - but now that I come to
> > think about it there is a far remembering of it also meaning "superbe".
> "Awesome" sounds a lot like "awful."  That's part of what makes English so
> great, we have a astounding number of antonyms that sound very similar.

Actually, according to my dictionary, 'awesome' means simply 'causing
awe.'  (Not that it doesn't sound like awful, mind you, which I can see
how it would.)  Said dictionary defines 'awe' as 'respect mixed with fear
or wonder.'  However, the colloquial usage of awesome as meaning superb
isn't in there, so I guess it's still 'unofficial.'  I think that whole
usage started out in the 80's, though I could be wrong.  It was definitely
way overused during the 80's (like gnarly, rad, tubular, and have a
cow...  guess when Conni grew up :P )

> I think we should all learn Esperanto or Latin or some other dead language

I vote for sanskrit.


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