[techtalk] Fwd: Re: [announce] Women for KDE

-sjh- ruthia at sarth.com
Wed Nov 22 15:49:01 EST 2000

Karl-Heinz wrote:

> I obviously misinterpreted that "awesome"!  In my simple mind "awesome"
> seemed to be a negative word - like terrible - but now that I come to
> think about it there is a far remembering of it also meaning "superbe".

"Awesome" sounds a lot like "awful."  That's part of what makes English so
great, we have a astounding number of antonyms that sound very similar.

> Perhaps I better should /not/ have asked for permission to leave
> those time-consuming english lessons they ordered for us recently?  :-D

I think we should all learn Esperanto or Latin or some other dead language


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