[techtalk] Re: Technical issues (was Re: [grrltalk] "Confrontational" postings)

Mary Gardiner mary at creative.net.au
Thu Nov 23 08:05:10 EST 2000

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 10:05:10AM -0500, Jeff Dike wrote:
> mary at creative.net.au said:
> > But is 2.4 going to be release with any of the bugs they know about
> > now, say? 
> Yes, it will.  As of test10, Linus was only taking critical bug fixed.
> The CRITICAL bugs on Ted's list will be fixed.  Most of the rest will be in 
> 2.4.0 and be fixed later.  Most of them are probably too small to risk 
> delaying 2.4.0 with a bogus fix, so they'll be fixed in a 2.4.x release.  The 
> rest require design changes and will go into 2.5.x and maybe be ported back to 
> 2.4.x.
> 				Jeff

Yeah, that was the impression I got.

I didn't think 2.4 was going to be a known bug-free release...

Anyway, thanks for the quick summary,


Mary Gardiner
<mary at creative.net.au>
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