[techtalk] Re: Technical issues (was Re: [grrltalk] "Confrontational" postings)

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Wed Nov 22 11:05:10 EST 2000

mary at creative.net.au said:
> But is 2.4 going to be release with any of the bugs they know about
> now, say? 

Yes, it will.  As of test10, Linus was only taking critical bug fixed.

The CRITICAL bugs on Ted's list will be fixed.  Most of the rest will be in 
2.4.0 and be fixed later.  Most of them are probably too small to risk 
delaying 2.4.0 with a bogus fix, so they'll be fixed in a 2.4.x release.  The 
rest require design changes and will go into 2.5.x and maybe be ported back to 


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