[techtalk] Re: Technical issues (was Re: [grrltalk] "Confrontational" postings)

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Tue Nov 21 23:42:23 EST 2000

Mary Gardiner wrote:
> Well I think Linux kernel is declared stable when there are no
> *showstoppers* - I don't know about no *bugs*. But I'm sure there are
> people on this list who follow linux development a bit more closely than I
> do (says she running kernel 2.2.14).

I don't know how Linux-kernel development works. I do know that Telsa's
diary mentions experience with open 'bugs' which are multiply-reported
.. as in, tens or hundreds of reports of the same bug. And I, at least,
only care that these are fixed once.. I don't need the same bug fixed a
hundred times. :)
That's a fault in the bug-tracking process, rather than the testing or
bug-fixing one.

I don't know if the kernel is released known-buggy or not.

> I know games tend to be buggy on release, but this can be ascribed to a
> hardware thing - they can't do extensive QA on hundreds of thousands of
> different hardware configurations.

Game companies aren't sane entities .. or rather, they're well aware
that their audience will put up with buggy software.

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