[techtalk] a PDA question

David Merrill dmerrill at lupercalia.net
Wed Nov 22 14:43:43 EST 2000

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 10:18:12AM -0800, alissa bader wrote:
> not really a *nix question, but ah well :>

It is if you look at the iPaq. There's a project to get Linux running on
it. It's even supported (I think was started) by Compaq.

Now, how cool is that? http://www.handhelds.org

> I am looking to buy a PDA/palm/whatever, I'm going to
> be travelling pretty soon and need something to keep
> myself organized.  A notebook would probably be
> better, but I really want a vaio and even refurb,
> those things are out of my budget ATM :<  

Yeah, that's what I want for Yule. I can hope, can't I?

> what I'll be using the PDA for :  checking email,
> occassional websurfing (you can do that on a palm,
> right, I'm sort of clueless on these things, ok don't
> laugh :>), keeping lists (apartment lists, phone
> numbers, etc), jotting down occassional musings. 
> Should be able to spend about $300 or so on it.

Unfortunately, wireless (you are talking wireless here, right?) and cheap
don't go together. Not only do you have relatively high prices for the
wireless models, but you pay pretty hefty (~$40 last I checked) monthly
fees as well. By the time you add up the monthly charges for a year, the
laptop looks a lot more attractive, doesn't it?!?!

IIRC, the network-enabled wireless palm was about $450. I got a Palm IIIc
a few months ago (a color model) and I love it. But it won't do wireless.

Good luck,


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