[techtalk] a PDA question

alissa bader mol666 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 13:33:03 EST 2000

--- David Merrill <dmerrill at lupercalia.net> wrote:
> Unfortunately, wireless (you are talking wireless
> here, right?) and cheap
> don't go together. Not only do you have relatively
> high prices for the
> wireless models, but you pay pretty hefty (~$40 last
> I checked) monthly
> fees as well. By the time you add up the monthly
> charges for a year, the
> laptop looks a lot more attractive, doesn't it?!?!
well.  could I use the modem on a non-wireless basis? 
I mean, plug the modem into a standard phone jack,
etc, and use the PDA much the same as I would a
laptop/other machine for email checking etc?  is it
possible for me to use my isp's dialup for this too?

(ok, so I am somewhat clueless on a lot of this stuff
still :>)

thanks for all advice etc


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