[techtalk] Desperate Plea for CDROM mounting help!!

S. Stubbs 2stubbs at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 18 23:11:55 EST 2000

Hey, it has been a while now and I have not been able to mount my
CDROM drive. I have mdk 7.2. I have one cdrom drive, it is recognized
correctly in the hardware.
It is IOMEGA Zip650 cd writer drive which is an internal IDE writer drive.
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP, this is driving me nuts. I went to a Linux User
Group install fest today, and they spent 6 hours trying to get it to work. They
 tried all kinds of stuff, even not using the supermount, and it still did not
I am able toburn a CD just fine, I burned 2 CDs today, but I cannot mount the
CDrom drive just to look at the contents of a CD. I still think in my mind that
has something to do with permissions and links to CDrom.
Here is my fstab right now, of course the LUG tried all KINDS of config here,
but since none of it worked I finally have it as this:
> /dev/hdb5  / ext2 defaults 11
> /dev/hdb1  /boot ext 2 defaults 12
> none /dev/pts devpts mode=0620 0 0
> /mnt/cdrom /mnt/cdrom supermount user, fs=ISO9660, dev=/dev/cdrom 0 0
> /mnt/floppy /mnt/floppy supermount user, fs=vfat,dev=/dev/fd0 0 0
> /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows vfat user,exec,unmask=0 0 0
> none /proc proc defaults 0 0
> /dev/hda2 swap swap defaults 0
I have also gone to the Mandrake website and followed the instructions there
for getting a CDburner to work. I can provide more info if necessary. So what
Could someone reply with a personal troubleshoot session on this??
PLEASE, this is the ONLY PROBLEM I have now, I did get my Samba
working like a champ, and can see both my other windows boxes.
IF i don't get this fixed I will have to GIVE UP ON LINUX, since I will not be
able to view a CDROM!!! I will not be able to update any rpms from the
 install CD!!! PLEASE this is a DESPERATE PLEA for help.

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