[techtalk] linux modem help needed...

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Sat Nov 18 19:00:34 EST 2000

Anyone have any leads on getting a modem working on this beastie under
RH6.2? I've heard the internal one is winmodem krap that won't work
under Linux (yet).  I have installed a D-Link ethernet/56K modem card. 
I am not sure what I need to set relative to PCMCIA stuff to get it seen
an operational.  Should I need to disable the built-in modem in the

The PCMCIA card is a DLINK DMF-560TX v.90 56K modem - 10/100T Ethernet
card and I'm on a Sony PCG-XG18.  If anyone has this PCMCIA card running
on any box under RH Linux then please send me what configuration stuff I
need to set up (actual files or lines most helpful).  I have relatively
short time as I'm going out of town with the box on Monday for a week.

Any help appreciated...  

- samantha

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