[techtalk] How do I ... ? (share directories) (make Eterm themes work)

Laurel Fan lf25+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Nov 15 15:54:45 EST 2000

Excerpts from linuxchix: 15-Nov-100 [techtalk] How do I ... ? (.. by
J-Mag Guthrie at brokersys. 
> Issue 2: I really like Eterm but I want to train it to start with the big
> font, and have a transparent, shaded background (and in my dreams, have it
> pick a random tint).  I understand that this is a themes thing, but as I
> can't even figure out how to use a downloaded theme, I'm totally lost on
> how to make this work.

To use the basic transparent theme, I use:
  Eterm -t trans
(the -t means you want to tell it what theme to use.)

I have also modified this theme slightly.  I copied the files in the
transparent theme (which I found in /usr/share/Eterm/themes) to the directory
(~/ is as it means in the shell, my home directory), then trial-and-error-ly
edited those files.  So now, I can also do:
  Eterm -t laurel
to use that theme.

My set up and eterm could be different, however, especially since
Eterm likes to change a lot between releases.

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