[techtalk] How do I ... ? (share directories) (make Eterm themes work)

Beverly Guillermo mezanin at chno2.com
Thu Nov 16 00:23:11 EST 2000

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, J-Mag Guthrie wrote:

> Issue 1:  I am on a LAN.  I want to set up, on my multi-gig HD, a shared
> place for everyone to put their .mp3 files.
> I expect there are two parts to this -- what I do on my box to share the
> stuff and what other folks' do on their boxen so they can mount the shared
> stuff.  I am running smbd (because we share the printer) but I have no
> clue how it was set up (by someone who is not available).  

Do you know what version you're running?  Each version has different
options.  I wholeheartedly agree with the previous answer to
configuration of the samba server.  Setting up a seperate group and
placing a seperate partition from necessary system files are good
precautions.  But I don't think there was any mention on how to set up the
samba permissions.  

The easiest way to change the smb.conf file is to use the provided program
called 'swat'.  It's very easy to use and it helps configure all the
sections such as global setup, particular user directory sharing,
printers, and other stuff.  Here's a really basic example section for mp3
sharing in a smb.conf file:

	comment = MP3 Files
	path    = /path/to/mp3s
	writeable = Yes
	#other options

> Issue 2: I really like Eterm but I want to train it to start with the big
> font, and have a transparent, shaded background (and in my dreams, have it
> pick a random tint).  I understand that this is a themes thing, but as I
> can't even figure out how to use a downloaded theme, I'm totally lost on
> how to make this work.

Depending on our version of Eterm -- it will vary.  I can give you an idea
about the latest version v0.9 .

What you need to find out is how Eterm is being called like if you're
calling it from within Gnome or just regular Enlightenment window
manager.  You'll need to edit the file(s) by hand or through a
configuration manager.

To change the font, add the -F <name of font>.  Or go through the standard
fonts that are available by using --font1, --font2, --font3, --font4 or
you can specify different effects on the font using --font-fx .  Or if you
just want to make your current font bigger use --bigger-font-key but I've
never really used this option, so I don't remember exactly how that works.

To make transparent, add  -O or --trans .

To change the tints (brightness, contrast, gamma) use --cmod.  To change
just certain ranges of the primary colors use --cmod-red, --cmod-green,
or --cmod-blue.  Look at the FAQ for informaiton on the trick on how to
use them.

As for random tints, I have no idea. =)


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