[techtalk] How do I ... ? (share directories) (make Eterm themes work)

-sjh- ruthia at sarth.com
Wed Nov 15 13:29:48 EST 2000

"J-Mag Guthrie" wrote:

> The problem with RTF....whatever....is that it's not always obvious what
> one needs to be reading.

Eh, I hate it when someone says "RTFM" without telling you WHICH manpage to
read ;)

> Issue 1:  I am on a LAN.  I want to set up, on my multi-gig HD, a shared
> place for everyone to put their .mp3 files.
> I expect there are two parts to this -- what I do on my box to share the
> stuff and what other folks' do on their boxen so they can mount the shared
> stuff.  I am running smbd (because we share the printer) but I have no
> clue how it was set up (by someone who is not available).

To understand permissions, read the chmod manpage.  It is pretty thorough in
its explanation.  Once your permissions are set correctly, your users can
mount the shared directory very easily using smbmount.  I am not sure on the
syntax but the smbmount manpage should have that.


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