[techtalk] How do I ... ? (share directories) (make Eterm themes work)

J-Mag Guthrie j-mag at brokersys.com
Wed Nov 15 12:28:31 EST 2000

The problem with RTF....whatever....is that it's not always obvious what
one needs to be reading.

I'm running Debian.  I've got two main issues here:


Issue 1:  I am on a LAN.  I want to set up, on my multi-gig HD, a shared
place for everyone to put their .mp3 files.

I expect there are two parts to this -- what I do on my box to share the
stuff and what other folks' do on their boxen so they can mount the shared
stuff.  I am running smbd (because we share the printer) but I have no
clue how it was set up (by someone who is not available).  

Issue 2: I really like Eterm but I want to train it to start with the big
font, and have a transparent, shaded background (and in my dreams, have it
pick a random tint).  I understand that this is a themes thing, but as I
can't even figure out how to use a downloaded theme, I'm totally lost on
how to make this work.

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