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Steve Wainstead swain at panix.com
Mon Nov 6 22:51:44 EST 2000

From: Steve Wainstead <swain at panix.com>
To: betka at courtade.net

Hi betka,

A friend pasted me your message off techtalk at linuxchix.org... you are
having trouble with PhpWiki? 

I run the project and I've installed it on most platforms, hopefully I
can help out. 

Let me know.

>From your message, you installed it on a friend's server; it shouldn't
matter what directory you use, because PhpWiki determines where it's
running at runtime. You shouldn't need to set the $ScriptUrl. If your
friend uses DHCP and the IP keeps changing, you might try setting it to

PhpWiki doesn't use any authentication, so it doesn't need the
db/user/passwd you mentioned (if you mean http authentication).

Usually the hard part is getting the right params for MySQL. What
version of PhpWiki are you installing? We just released 1.1.9 last

Also, a good way to just test it out is to gunzip/untar it in a test
directory under the server root and run it as is. It will create DBM
files in the /tmp directory and it should work fine. You can just rm
everything when you're sure it works... the DBM-based version is the
default, and indeed, it should work "right out of the box" as

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