[techtalk] clock issues??

Walt pippin at fred.net
Mon Nov 6 13:06:58 EST 2000

Laurel Fan wrote:
>Is your hardware clock set to local time or GMT?
>(for debain, look in /default/rcS and see if it says UTC=no or UTC=yes)

I'm running Redhat 6.0 right now, so no default
directory, but in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit the UTC=0
which, I assume,  means it's set for localtime.

>What is your timezone set to?
>(for debian, look at the /etc/localtime symlink (ls -l /etc/localtime))

/etc/localtime is a file on my system and it contains
non-ASCII umm stuff that I can't read.

I am in Eastern time now, EST should be, but it
keeps reverting to EDT...



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