[techtalk] clock issues??

Beverly Guillermo mezanin at chno2.com
Mon Nov 6 19:52:29 EST 2000

If you haven't already, set your time to GMT rather then using
localtime.  This way, the system will perform the daylight saving
automatically, or at least it should.  My slackware systems have done it.

However, after running 'rdate' on your RH system, you need to run the
'setclock' command to set the clock into the hardware.  For more
information, do a lookup for it's manpage.


On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Walt wrote:

> Ok, I'm confused! I set my time (using
> the 'rdate -s <timeserver>' command that
> was recently mentioned on this list, thanks
> to whoever that was :-) but every time I
> reboot my system (I was *attempting a
> rh7.0 upgrade *sigh* =96 pointless) it resets
> the clock to an hour ahead. (daylight time
> instead of standard time)
> Any clues what is causing this?
> Thanks,
> Walt
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