[techtalk] ldconfig and solving your own problems (was last straw]

Magni Onsoien magnio at pvv.ntnu.no
Wed Nov 1 15:01:57 EST 2000

kallicat at linuxfreemail.com:
> Mine is really limited yes. In the morning with my brain working again,
> I found ldconfig (in /sbin). Interestingly, I found out that which has
> somehow been configured so that it doesn't check every directory on my
> box... just the ones in my path. That is what mostly got me lost last
> night. I'm used to a which that checks everywhere for executables, or at
> least a bigger everywhere than root's path. I also found out (by
> checking RedHat's website) that ldconfig was included in even the most
> bare install, but that it was probably not run automagically in the init
> or shutdown scripts.

I also thought ldconfig was run automagically at boot - it says so on its
webpage - but it didn't when I just tested. However, I just tried to add
/usr/lib in ld.so.conf, and ldconfig might just ignore that and thus
assume the configfile is untouched, because /usr/lib is default anyway.

I can't remember which (at least not on a bunch of Solaris and
Linuxboxes I have been/am using) searching anything but stuff in PATH. Are
you sure there wasn't an alias which=locate or something like that which
searched through more or less the whole system on a box you used before?

Anyway, locate is a nice tool, just make sure you skip directories you
aren't interested in (on a multiuser box, /home should be skipped, skip
NFS if you mount fex a huge ftp-mirror via NFS etc). And make sure
/etc/cron.daily/slocate.cron or whatever your distro calls it today is
run regularly.

Magni :)
sash is very good for you.

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