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moebius at ip-solutions.net moebius at ip-solutions.net
Sat Mar 25 22:29:31 EST 2000

  Thanks, I didn't realize that. I guess that what I still don't realize
is whether Sendmail sets up the INBOX or whether IMAP does that. Perhaps
I'm being thick-headed but I would think that IMAP and MTA's would work
together to unite a single directory structure for mail. Please let me
know if this is actually the case and I haven't read enough. I just, for
whatever reason, can't seem to figure this out.

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On Sat, 25 Mar 2000 taliesin at speakeasy.org wrote:

> moebius at ip-solutions.net writes:
> >[...] I am looking for a way
> >to put [delivered email] on the same dir. Pref /home/[username], purely for
> >backup reasons. Currently I am feeling either stupid of clueless, b/c I
> >can't find any place that describes someone doing this sort of thing and I
> >would think it to be kinda common. Anyone????
> Umm, yeah, covered in the Sendmail FAQ on www.sendmail.org.  One of two
> ways.  Grab procmail if you don't already have it, and set it up to be your
> "local delivery" mailer, or get the source to /bin/mail and tweak it to 
> deliver to somewhere like $HOME/.inbox.  
> No, I don't know how to do all those things, but you could probably 
> look on the web and find out.  
> -- Glenn

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