[techtalk] Re: [SLL] Mail/Backup

taliesin at speakeasy.org taliesin at speakeasy.org
Sat Mar 25 21:33:59 EST 2000

moebius at ip-solutions.net writes:

>[...] I am looking for a way
>to put [delivered email] on the same dir. Pref /home/[username], purely for
>backup reasons. Currently I am feeling either stupid of clueless, b/c I
>can't find any place that describes someone doing this sort of thing and I
>would think it to be kinda common. Anyone????

Umm, yeah, covered in the Sendmail FAQ on www.sendmail.org.  One of two
ways.  Grab procmail if you don't already have it, and set it up to be your
"local delivery" mailer, or get the source to /bin/mail and tweak it to 
deliver to somewhere like $HOME/.inbox.  

No, I don't know how to do all those things, but you could probably 
look on the web and find out.  

-- Glenn

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