[techtalk] 'Segmentation error' memory problems

Rik Hemsley rik at kde.org
Thu Mar 23 16:13:20 EST 2000

#if Colin Parr
> I've just installed RedHat 6.1 (bog standard Gnome workstation install) on a
> Dell PIII 500MHz with 64MB dual boot with W98.  The problem is that I keep
> getting these segmentaion memory problems.  Out of the few apps I've used so
> far it happens mainly with gedit but it has happened with the Gimp and
> Linuxconf aswell.

gedit is buggy. Linuxconf is buggy. The Gimp is less buggy, but still
buggy. Sorry.

If you want a stable editor, try Vim (without the GTK GUI), or if you
want something simpler, kwrite or NEdit.

If you want a stable system management tool, well try using the
version of Linuxconf that doesn't use a GTK UI. I think there's a
web-based interface.

If you want a stable image editor, er, use Gimp. It's not that unstable.

Of course, there is the other problem: You're using RedHat. When
a Linux distributor adds packages to their dist, they often patch
the sources of the package to make it run correctly with their system.
RedHat engineers, unfortunately, aren't very good at doing this and
often break packages.


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