[techtalk] HTML --thanx to all.............

dez dynamix at iinet.net.au
Thu Mar 23 12:24:47 EST 2000

Thanx to all who posted suggestions regarding a linux html editor ..........
tho starting out as a simple request it became much more.
It seemed to become a forum for "by hand versus an editor"
>From the posts there is the general conception that if you use an editor you
not "coding by hand"
Tho some wsyiwyg editors do everything for you they are not for the serious
or proffessional
some --like hotdog( professional) -- offer you a notepad  to do your code
The wonderful list of different tags for different types of html should you
need a reference point
-the ability to view it as it would appear on the web on demand--.
-the ability to edit images--
-- write, insert and run various scripts,--
-- link checker , -
-upload and publish,( should you wish to do it this way )-
-create image maps --,
 create applets and heaps more to mention here--
and  all in one window...( and its a good ol' homegrown -oz- product*grin*)
I have been coding HTML since 1994 and in those days I just did it live via
however a lot has changed since then..there is no longer one standard and
evolving language...........
when writing commercial websites I find these things  invaluable both to my
time and my stress levels.

'cheerz to all
and thanx ive downloaded bluefish and in the process of getting coffecup ..i
shall let you know my 2cents worth.............

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