[techtalk] 'Segmentation error' memory problems

Colin Parr colin.parr at isd.gov.im
Thu Mar 23 11:33:25 EST 2000

Hey all,
This is my first post so hi - hope you can help.

I've just installed RedHat 6.1 (bog standard Gnome workstation install) on a
Dell PIII 500MHz with 64MB dual boot with W98.  The problem is that I keep
getting these segmentaion memory problems.  Out of the few apps I've used so
far it happens mainly with gedit but it has happened with the Gimp and
Linuxconf aswell.

Gedit is funny (btw I'm a complete Linux newbie so I don't know if this is
relevent to the other programs or not)....
- if I start it from the 'Run' option in the main menu it seems to work fine
- if I start it from a terminal session it tends to start OK but often
crashes when I try to save
- if I double-click on a file in the X 'file' window and select gedit to
read it gedit crashes straight away.

Any ideas?  It's starting to get annoying and I'd like to get it fixed...



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