[techtalk] linux and MP3s

Morgan Christiansson morgan.christiansson at mobigym.se
Fri Mar 24 00:28:31 EST 2000

There is a good mp3 player called mpg123, you can find it at
freshmeat.net, just search for it.

I would recommend using a floppy based distro that copies itself to ram.

And a question, i wonder how you plan to manage your playlists? With a
keyboard and monitor? IR?

glen wrote:
> I am looking for general information about linux and MP3s.
> I am trying to make an MP3 player for my car by taking appart an old 486
> or 586, and putting on an opperating system with an mp3 player. I have all
> the hardware, so that part is cheaper then buying one, and playing with
> the software is potentially fun. I think I want to use linux because it
> can be so small compared to Windows (and the more space for MP3s the
> better), but I don't know tons about it. Any info regarding linux size,
> installation, how much of linux I need (like just the kernal or what?),
> MP3 players for linux, would be of interest to me. I have been doing some
> research, but any opinions are welcome...
> Glen
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