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Margaret Leber maggie at voicenet.com
Wed Mar 22 11:20:05 EST 2000

Jeff wrote:

> Has anyone suggested Amaya yet?  Now, admittedly, I haven't used it, but
> in my search for The-Perfect-Browser-That-Doesn't-Exist-Yet...

I've used Amaya. It's halfway decent, although there are the occasional odd IU
idioms you have to use to do what seem like perfectly ordinary things. It's an
interesting design problem to map from a paradigm (like HTML) which is
deliberately agnostic about a lot of display mechanics into a graphical display
space that nonetheless preserves that agnosticism. A design problem that nobody
has the final solution to yet...

Look how odd it is to figure out how to move your cursor to a place that doesn't
exist yet in Netscape Composer, ferinstance: text inside a table cell,
ferinstance. In Amaya, what mystifies me a lot is inserting a new element--if
it's not the element that Amaya expected next.   

That said, Amaya is nicely immune from the disease so mand other HTML edits
have., which is: "My GUI displayed it this way so I'm gonna "<FONT" and "<IMG
SRC="myplacehoder.gif"" and (Goddess preserve us) "&nbsp." your HTML into utter
unreadability to make what I *had* to display in the edit window appear in your

It makes nice clean simple HTML. If Amaya won't do it for you, you probably
shouldn't do it. If your artistic intent is sullied by that limitation, go write
in Postscript or Flash or Java AWT or something. ;-)
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